Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship 2025 at Oxford University


The Oxford-Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship offers an exceptional opportunity for students to embark on a fully-funded Master's and MBA program at Oxford University, with a specific focus on devising solutions for global social challenges. Our article presents an overview of the scholarship's advantages, eligibility criteria, and application process, designed to guide ambitious individuals dedicated to making a positive impact on the world.

About the Pershing Square Foundation
This foundation initiated these scholarships with a generous £7.8 million contribution. Collaborating with Oxford, an additional £5.2 million was added. Their mission revolves around supporting visionary leaders capable of enhancing the world.

Dreaming of Changing the World? Oxford Has Something Special for You!
The University of Oxford is offering the Oxford-Pershing Square Graduate Scholarships for 2024, tailored for students aspiring to acquire extensive knowledge while contributing to solving significant societal challenges.

Key Features of the Scholarship
The Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship 2024 provides full funding for up to six students, covering both Master's degree and MBA fees. This means you can pursue two programs without incurring any financial burden.

Seeking Extraordinary Individuals
Oxford is in search of students ready to address substantial social issues. If you possess bold ideas and a strong determination to make a difference, this opportunity could be the platform for you.

Beyond Classroom Learning
Scholars enjoy engaging experiences such as attending prominent conferences, participating in special events, and even traveling to New York. Additionally, they have the chance to interact with and learn from highly inspiring individuals.

Financial Support Details
The scholarship covers all tuition fees and provides a minimum annual living expense stipend of £17,668.

Who Can Apply and How?
Application Procedure:

Choose a Master's or MBA program from the Oxford 1+1 MBA program.
Craft a 500-word essay detailing how you aspire to positively impact the world.
Submit your online application for the Pershing Square Scholarship 2024.
What Sets You Apart?
Oxford will assess your academic performance, leadership skills, character, and your strategic plans for addressing significant social challenges.

Application Deadline Reminder
Apply by January 5, 2024, for the MBA program, and check the deadlines for your chosen Master's program on the Oxford University course or admissions page.

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